Federal Financial Assistance

Here are some things to remember about a federal disaster declaration and federal financial assistance:

  • There is no guarantee of federal disaster funding.
  • Homeowners should not expect federal disaster funding but instead should utilize insurance proceeds and voluntary agency assistance for recovery.
  • Funding for damaged homes through FEMA's Individual Assistance program is much rarer in South Dakota.
  • Homeowners should document damage to their homes with receipts and photographs for insurance purposes.
  • Homeowners are encouraged to report home damage to their county emergency manager so officials have an idea of the number of affected homes in the county. This information will be shared with state emergency management officials as part of the assessment process. The state has to assess the flood's impacts to private property and then has to request Individual Assistance through FEMA.
  • If a federal disaster is declared, FEMA's Public Assistance program provides federal reimbursement to state, local, and tribal governments and certain private non-profits for damage to public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, culverts, sewer lift stations, and powerlines.